Meet the team

PhilL Farlow

For over 25 years, Phill Farlow has been working in the transport industry, and whilst it has been a lot of hard work mixed with making hard situations work, Phill still loves what he does.

In the year 2000, Phil opened Farlow Transport with one goal in mind, provide the best customer service possible to everyone, and after 20 years, that is exactly what Farlow Transport continues to do every day.

When not out on the road with the rest of his drivers, Phill is a Family man with a passion for fast show cars, and is an avid Bronco’s supporter.

Megan Farlow

The foundation of Farlow transport is Family, and at the helm with Phill is his lovely wife Megan.

Megan not only runs the company run sheets, but also the accounting department, as well as being a carer for her daughter Hayleigh who suffers from cerebral palsy.

Jarrod Farlow

Jarrod is Phill and Megans son who has grown up in the family business.

Known as Jazz to his friends and co-workers, Jarrod always eager to learn more about the industry, Jarrod often turns his hand to all aspects of Farlow transport. From administration to driving, Jarrod is the next generation of Farlow Transport and excited to be involved in such a wonderful company.

Monique Neylon

Monique, or Moni as she is often called, is Jarrods long term partner and has been with Farlow Transport for years. 

Monique works in the office with Megan and manages the daily administration for Farlow Transport.

GlenN "Boss" Bain

Glenn started in the transport industry over 25 years ago, and as fortune would have it, 10 years in he met Phill, joined Farlow Transport, and to this day is one of the most integral members of the team.

With a laugh that is unforgettable, Glenn loves a joke and even knows a couple of polite ones. 

Working as supervisor of the driving team, Glenn is Phill’s right hand man.

Andrew "Unit" White

Another of our career level transport technicians, Andrew has over 20 years experience in the industry, we are lucky enough to have him as our warehouse and dispatch manager. 

Andrew is a proud devotee to the 3 F’s of his life: Family, Footy and Fast cars. When not making sure everything is running smoothly at the warehouse, enjoying the company of one of these 3 is where you will find him. 

Matthew "Maverick" Hoy

When not in the truck (or the office as he calls it), Matt is a fan of photography, flying and swimming.

Matt has been with Farlow Transport for 3 years, and also loves a good story. If you get a chance, ask him about when he used to swim with Kieran Perkins…

Matthew "Chuck" Hancock

Chuck is one of our more colourful drivers… and by that we mean he loves his artwork so much, he has it all over his body!

We were lucky enough to have Chuck join our driving team 3 years ago and since his first day he has proven to be an invaluable asset to the company. Always the first at the yard and to lend a hand, whilst Chuck may sport a collection of tattoos (and often a Mohawk), he is one of the nicest guys you will meet. 

When not at work, Chuck is a big bike enthusiast, and loves his cars too. 

James "Slim" Kentrotis

James has only been with us for a short while, he has fallen into the family and fit in perfectly, even if he does regard himself as a modern day Adonis…. James enjoys tinkering with his cars and loves his football.

Ben "Couttzie" Coutts

Ben started with Farlows in 2020, bringing with him 5 year of industry experience. 

A complete professional, Ben prides himself on his dedication to his craft.

Its just a pity he is a Roosters supporter….

Michael "Batman" Maguire

Michael joined the team in 2019 and brought with him nearly 30 years of experience in the transport industry.

Quite the opposite to most of our other drivers, Mick is a quiet bloke who believes that he will let his work ethic do the talking for him, that is unless you ask him about Batman… then he may have a few things to say as he is a complete Batman fan.

Bjorn "Bazz" Madden

Bazz also joined us in 2019 and has fit in with our tight knit team of drivers extremely well. Bazz has spent the last 5 years in the industry and is always willing to lend a hand or learn more tricks of the trade.

When not on the road, Bazz loves nothing more than a quite weekend of camping and fishing, or a trip out to hit the back 9 on his local golf course.

Josselyn "Jo" Faddy

With 3 years in the industry, Jo came to Farlows in 2020, bringing a dedication and work ethic to rival anyone else in the team.

When Jo isn’t at work, she is often found “teaching the boys a lesson or two on how to 4WD” or riding one of her horses.

Damien "Junior" Ward

Well his nickname is currently correct but don’t let that fool you. Damien has been with Farlows for only a few months and in the industry for just over a year now, but is as keen as mustard and always willing to have a go.

Currently working on his truck licence, Damien is looking forward to moving into the next phase of his career.

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