What are Freight Transport Services?

If you’re a business owner, you understand the struggle of getting caught up in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of managing your business. And if you have experienced it before, you must have thought of reaching out to a freight transport company at least once. Especially if your company is growing, it might not be efficient anymore to run your daily deliveries by yourself.

But despite the large number of companies relying on freight services, there is still much confusion and uncertainty around how exactly freight transport services work. Considering this is an investment decision, we want to help you break down what freight transport services are and how you can expand your operations with the right company.

Freight Transport Services by Definition

Freight transport is the physical shipment of goods, commodities, and cargo either by land, sea or air. There are different modes of transport but for our purposes, we will focus on “milk-run” style deliveries which you can utilize even for your daily deliveries.

The term “milk-run” got its name from the age old practice where a single tanker collects the produce from different dairy farms everyday and then delivers it to the milk processing firm. In the same fashion, this type of delivery allows for relatively smaller loads of parcels which one truck collects from several manufacturers or sellers. Essentially, one vehicle comes to pick up parcels from different suppliers in which they are then delivered to their intended recipients on a daily basis.

For a more detailed discussion of this type of freight service, we’ll take Farlow Transport as an example. They’re a Brisbane freight transport company known for their professional transport solutions in milk-run style deliveries.

What do these services offer?

Primarily, the utmost priority of these kinds of services is the efficient, safe, and on-time delivery of your goods to your customers. Their work ranges from packing the goods to delivering them right to your customer’s doorsteps.

Here’s more of what these services can offer:


It’s easy to establish the need for transporting goods. However, with thousands of companies needing freight services, the products in need of delivery may vary substantially. Thus, the same applies to freight services. Not all goods and commodities suit the same services or in particular–vehicles.

Most freight companies offer a varied fleet of vehicles available to cater to all of your delivery needs. If you must move anything, they can do it for you.

Freight Vans

For instance, this Brisbane freight service company owns a full range of Mercedes and Iveco vans ranging from 1T to 4T capacities. These quality vans can easily help you get your standard pallets to move from one point to another.

Freight Trucks

If you’re worried about transporting your heavy cargo, then fret not! Aside from vans, there are also freight trucks readily available to move heavy load weighing from 4T to 8T.

For heavier cargo such as construction equipment and generators, they can also be accommodated with freight trucks that have a 12 pallet capacity. Some transport companies even have tailgate lift capable trucks which help ease the loading of heavy packages. So for those who do not have forklifts, you can inform your freight company ahead of time so they can arrange the right vehicle for you.

Warehouse Facility

One of the things most growing companies start needing is storage. As the business grows, more and more materials are needed in stock. Sooner or later, your company will face another budget-restricted problem: Where do we put all of these goods?

The freight industry offers the perfect solution. Almost all freight companies have their own product warehouse that can store your products from overnight to months on end. Their storage may range from small to massive warehouses that are ready to assist you with your needs. Farlow Transport has a 350㎡ warehouse storage solution perfect for housing your inventory.

Safety and Security

All businesses seek professional freight transport companies that ensure safe and proper handling of their goods from pick up to delivery to avoid refunds and unnecessary chargebacks from dissatisfied customers. Now, if you work with a good transport company, you can make sure that your products are in good hands and are given the utmost care simply by providing the following:

Excellent packaging

The whole freight transport procedure begins with the packaging. Before it goes on the road, it is the freight company’s responsibility to pack them properly and securely. Providing high-quality packaging allows your goods to be safe and secure despite undergoing several loading and unloading along the way.

Proper labelling

A great freight transport service can provide meticulously labelled packages. If all information and details are filled in, the chances of a lost or misplaced item are reduced substantially.

Seamless tracking and monitoring

Alongside proper labelling is a seamless tracking of deliveries. This is a crucial part of the service that all freight companies should have. With the latest technology, customers can easily track and get updates on their product deliveries. Being able to know the delivery status of your shipment assures you that your customer will get them on time.


As a business owner, there will be times when you see yourself needing deliveries as soon as possible. This is expected especially during peak seasons. You might think that for shipping cargo, road transport might not be the best cut for these kinds of situations, but think again.

Nowadays, several road freight services offer affordable express deliveries where you get your goods right when and where you need them. Make sure that your freight shipping partner has the following:


As business owners, the last thing you would want is to stress over tons of paperwork. When things get too rough, reach out to a company that knows their way with complex documentation.

A freight service that is well-versed with shipping policies certificates, permits, and other legal documents will carry the heavy load for you. Work well with your partner transport company for seamless documentation. Not only this can be a hassle, but it will also cost you time and effort that could’ve gone to more important things.

Route Knowledge

When we talk of road transportation, drivers carry huge potential in improving freight services. Drivers that are well-accustomed to many areas know which routes are the best to take when making fast deliveries. Having drivers with a vast knowledge of routes can easily become an advantage for both the freight transport company and your business!

Other than that, consider checking the availability of their drivers to ensure that they can accommodate all of your needs at any time of the day. Knowing that a freight company covers both the day and night shift can assure you that all of your needs can be met anytime. Whether you are a startup or an established business, being informed and knowledgeable of the service you are getting is fundamental!